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Our practice philosophy is simple: by treating the source of a problem, rather than focusing on the symptoms, the body can heighten its capacity to be self-regulating and self-healing.

The result of this return to optimized function is a longer life, a healthier life, and a more balanced life.

Our hope for every patient is for them to achieve a state of maximized wellness so that they can fulfill the objectives and pursue the activities that are important to them. Many of our practice members find themselves surpassing the goals they’ve set for themselves; this is often the case with state-of-the-art chiropractic care.


After 28 years of serving the community, Heskett Chiropractic Center is changing hands. Dr. Adam Heskett has taken over the practice and is proud to be working along side his father, Dr. Dennis Heskett. Heskett Chiropractic Center is now Cornerstone Chiropractic Center.

A cornerstone is the first brick laid when laying any foundation. The entire infrastructure is built around that one stone alone. Subsequently, it is the strongest point in the building’s foundation. As we look forward to serving our community, we have decided that Christ will be the cornerstone of our office. Not just with our health, but in all aspects of life. Christ will provide a firm foundation for everything we do at Cornerstone Chiropractic Center.We look forward to stepping into this new phase with our patients and can’t wait to celebrate the beginning of Cornerstone Chiropractic Center with you!


Drs. Adam and Dennis Heskett are a father and son duo who are proud of their family’s legacy of serving the Murray community. Both of them received their Doctor of Chiropractic degrees from Life University in Atlanta. Their passion for chiropractic care is evident in their dedicated approach to patient care.

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